The New Orleans Infant Mental Health Project

Funded by the Mayor’s office and the 2018 NOLA commission, The New Orleans Infant Mental Health Project is a collaborative comprised of organizations that serve youth between the ages of 0-6 and their families. Navigate NOLA serves as the backbone organization and centralized infrastructure to the partnering organizations by leading a needs assessment that will set local priorities for social and emotional development and the adoption of shared evaluation indicators for ages 0-6. Navigate Nola will also provide partnering Head Start Centers with a mental health fellow that will share time across the centers, providing infant mental health clinical services, teacher support, school culture support and professional development and training.

The Collaborative will work with academic institutions to carve out opportunities for social workers and counselors to be trained and certified in Infant Mental Health, to increase capacity to service the target population. The Collaborative will also be tasked with working with New Orleans City Council to prioritize funding for social and emotional development for youth ages 0-6 within the City Council’s proposed budget allocation for early childhood education. Finally, the Collaborative will seek funding opportunities to increase the capacity of the region to support the social and emotional development needs of children between the ages of 0-6.