Navigate NOLA is a social-emotional and community wellness organization committed to enhancing the well being of the New Orleans citizenry, across the lifespan. The organization accomplishes this through social and emotional learning programs in Early Childhood Learning Centers and elementary schools, gender based positive youth development and leadership programs for African-American adolescent girls, training, education and professional development for educators and school based mental health professionals, wellness groups for African-American women that promote self-care practices, and data collection and advocacy that seek to advance policies that combat inequities in education that exacerbate the vulnerability of children of color.

The organization’s inaugural program, The Navigate Her Leadership Institute, a positive youth development and leadership program for African-American adolescent girls has served 11 cohorts of African-American girls across 5 schools. We have provided trainings to organizations that mentor African-American girls, presented at conferences and conducted guest lectures at academic institutions to raise visibility around the contemporary challenges that African-American girls face at the intersection of race, class and gender. Additionally, we provide program evaluations to community-based organizations that serve African-American girls (in the region) to advance the collective impact of collaborative work across multiple organizations.

To date, Navigate NOLA has served over 1,000 children in the Greater New Orleans through its school-based programming and trained over 300 educators. The work of the organization is implemented by a small, mighty, all women team of diverse professionals in the areas of social work, public health, education, law and holistic health and wellness. The organizations is thrilled to be doing this very important work! 

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