Navigate Her explores the lives of black women featured, through their contributions to the culture and progression of the city of New Orleans.  Some of the components of this exploration among the adult cohort are as follows:  educational and carer trajectories, childhood experiences, adversity/challenges overcome, community work, and transformative experiences/defining moments.  The young girls discuss their dreams and aspirations for the future and identify social support systems that keep them encouraged.

The film seeks to create a paradigm shifting experience for viewers, as it counters the historically negative stereotypes of African-American women whom call New Orleans home.  The story is crafted in an encyclopedic way as it interlocks the innocent and tender experiences of young children with a certain gravitas of inherent wisdom from the mature generation.

Navigate Her is written, curated, and excutive produced by social worker/public health practitioner Danielle Wright, MPH,MSW.  The film is edited and shot by American New Wave Media Group . For more information / please contact Danielle Wright at